Guest of Honor

Iku Arino

Karaage-loving voice actress, voted as “Best Karaagenist” by over 130,000 people. She promotes karaage to the world with the motto, “Healthy Karaage Lifestyle.” She’s also active as a media and radio personality.


Yun*chi is a pop icon connecting pop music and anisong to the creative scene. The asterisk in her artist name is a reference to the glitter-like dust trail that pixies leave behind, sparkling and shining almost like little stars.


Amano Pikamee
age: 5 trillion 1 years old
Birthday: July 13th
hights: Height 135cm

Pikamee Amano is a Thunder type monster


Machico, a voice actress and musical artist affiliated with HoriPro International, enchants her audiences with her strong, clear voice and her unique character. She is best known for performing the theme songs for the “Konosuba” anime and film series, and was recently cast in her first main character role as a voice actress in the […]

Special Guests


Hikarin is a popular cosplayer well-known for her specialization in portraying male characters in their youth. Hikarin has a strong international fan base and has been invited to various events around the world such as C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore, Comic Fiesta, Anime Impulse and Dokomi. From cosmetics to contact lenses, Hikarin has worked with […]


Softmode is a full-time Illustrator / Concept Artist who works in videogames. Previous / current projects include Arcaea, Juniper’s Knot, Azur Lane (Promotional art), Dropzone (Sparkypants), and more. His favorite things to draw are cute girls that can beat you up. He’s currently full-time on Mahou Arms at Dischan Media. You can follow him on […]

DJ Guest

DJ Zalas

Often found in a red T-shirt, zalas produces Vocaloid music and has also DJed in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and with his home DJ collective AniCLover in Silicon Valley. He plays a variety of genres, from house to hardcore, and from anime music to Vocaloid, although recently he has started paying attention to sound samples from […]

DJ Dekimasen

Hailing from NYC, DJ Dekimasen delights fans with anisong anthems, idol music and more! New or old, cute or cool, high-energy or house-tiger… this DJ spreads 神曲 (kamikyoku, great song,) with otaku everywhere!


Live from his living room in Montreal Canada, fireaxe (also known to some as simply Jon) will spin for you some of his favourite tracks and remixes of the moment.


Previously animeblogger and eventer (PHL). From suburban Yokohama, bluemist is about to sidestep into the world of music producer! He performs a unique experimental set of self-engineered creations: piano-instrumental covers from anime, idol, Vocaloid genres and beyond. Come chill around!

KT (ACGMix / Ani-mode)

Otaku hailing from Southern Taiwan, KT is a regular of ACGMix & Ani-mode. KT is part of the organizing team from Kaohsiung’s DJ group ACGMix, he has participated in various anime events all over Taiwan

JerryTheRisu / ジェりす

Inspired by the awesome DJs at KuroCon Vol.1, Jerry started his extra-hard DJ training, and he has been having endless fun mixing themed anisong sets to his fellow otaku friends. Featuring a unique blend of vintage anisongs, 2D idol hits, visual novel classics and more, Jerry is here for his event debut to give you […]

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