KuroCon Virtual Artist Alley

KuroCon will host a virtual artist alley alongside other programming and events to give a full virtual convention experience. Artist Alley has always been a staple of conventions and an important part of the community. 

Our artist alley is completely free to join. We welcome all types of artists, regardless of skill level and location, to participate in our programming. KuroCon Volume 3 will take place on July 3rd and 4th. Sign-ups will be open from April 17th to June 11th.

Artist Alley Participants for Volume 3

AlcoaTwitter | Twitch
ArunHome | Twitter | Tumblr
CMC Stone JewelryHome | Shop | Instagram
CookyBanditHome | Shop | Twitter | Instagram
CristinaHome | Shop | Twitter | Instagram
Little Nelli’sShop | Instagram
Neko Ninjas StudiosHome | Instagram
RisuHome | Shop | Instagram | Twitch 
RokuHome | Shop | Twitter | Tumblr
Sarah Chibi ArtsHome | Twitter | Instagram | Twitch
TsunauArtsHome | Twitter | Instagram  


Live Drawing

Live drawing will be returning for KuroCon Volume 3. Share your creativity on stream with everyone!

We will be hosting individual and group live drawings on KuroCon’s Twitch channel. Each stream will be up to one hour with any topic of your choice. 

  • Solo live drawing will feature individual artists, pre-recorded or live.
    • There is a limit of 4 slots, but as we finalize the schedule closer to the event dates, additional slots may be available. 
  • Group live drawing will be a collaborative live drawing/sketch session via DrawPile. DrawPile is an application that allows users to host public or private drawing sessions with others. 
    • To ensure the safety of artists and management of the drawpile, a mod will be present and host the session.
    • A minimum of six artists is needed to host the event, and there are 12 slots maximum.
    • In the event that there are less than six artists for the group live drawing, the activity will not take place.
  • Artist and DJ crossover streams will be a simultaneous stream of the arts! Information will be forthcoming as we finalize our DJ lineup. You can submit pre-recorded footage or stream live. DJ sets typically play at night.
    • Slots are limited and will require approval from the DJ first.

Priority will be given to artists who have not streamed during previous KuroCon artist programming. Artists can choose to be on a waitlist and will be notified if additional slots are open.

Artist Showcase

Artists will be able to submit artwork for a gallery slideshow shown between our main programming on Twitch. Submission period will be April 17th to July 1st.

Artwork can be sent via link in the last page of the application or email. All submitted files must follow the requirements below.

Artwork Specifications:

  • Single image or collage 
  • PNG or JPEG format 
  • Artwork must be all-ages
  • Maximum of 5 pieces

Artists will have the opportunity to promote on different KuroCon channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Discord. 

  • Twitter – Tag or mention KuroCon (@KurotsukiCon) in relevant tweets so staff can retweet them. 
  • Instagram – Tag the KuroCon (@KurotsukiCon) in posts, and we’ll share them in our stories.
  • Twitch – For those who participate in our artist programming, our mods will post links to your socials and shops in the chat. 
  • Discord – Post your shop, commissions, and socials in our dedicated artist alley channels. All transactions must occur outside of KuroCon’s official channels. 

To participate, please fill out the artist alley application below. More information on setup and schedule will be sent to applicants after the application period is over. 

Artists Sign-ups

Artists sign-ups will be first come first serve via google forms. Please be sure to answer all sections in the application and read all of KuroCon’s artist alley policies. We will send a confirmation of your application after it has been reviewed.


Q: I haven’t heard back about my application, what should I do?
A: Remember to check your spam/junk folder. If it’s not there, you can always inquire with staff via email.

Q: I’m located from outside of North America. Can I still join artist alley?
A: Of course! We do operate on EST, but we do our best to accommodate our guests and artists for our programming. 

Q: I can’t join any of the live drawing, but can I still join the artist alley?
A: Yes, it is optional and will not affect your application.

Q: I’ve never streamed before, but how does it work?
A: Our streaming logistics staff, Waveform, will guide you through setup and give cues on when to wrap-up. Alternatively, you may submit pre-recorded drawing footage in case there’s any schedule conflicts. Slots are not guaranteed since we have a limited number. 

Q:  How does the Drawpile work?
A: It’s a drawing application that lets you connect to a private or public server to draw with others. Information on how to join the server for the stream will be sent out to participants since it is a private server. Just join via Drawpile at the designated time and have fun drawing. The rest is taken care of by staff.

Q: Will you use my artwork for anything else outside of the Artist Showcase?
A: Your artwork will only be used for the showcase on stream and will not be shared anywhere else. 

Please contact staff for other questions or artist alley inquiries at [email protected]!


KuroCon wants to help promote independent artists during the pandemic when conventions are cancelled, for free. We welcome artists of all skill levels and mediums. Each artist will get opportunities to promote themselves through KuroCon’s social media, Discord server, and Twitch channel. The KuroCon website will feature you as part of KuroCon’s Artist Alley. There may be additional promotional opportunities by participating in our programming. 

Promotion will be through the following:

  1. The KuroCon website, all participating artists will be listed on the artist alley directory page.
  2. The KuroCon Discord, each artist will have their own dedicated artist channel. 
  3. The KuroCon Twitch, links to socials and/or shops will be shared in the stream chat during relevant artist programming.
  4. The KuroCon Twitter, any appropriate and tagged tweets will be shared on the KuroCon Twitter account via retweet.
  5. The KuroCon Instagram, tagged posts will be shared via stories on the KuroCon Instagram account.

Artist Programming

You can participate in our live drawing streams. We will have individual and group streaming sessions; it is completely optional, but we encourage all artists to join. 

The Artist Showcase will only be on KuroCon’s Twitch channel as a slideshow in-between programming. It is optional to submit, and your artwork will not be reposted. Any artwork that does not follow the artwork submission guidelines or policies will not be accepted. 

By accepting the offer to sign up for KuroCon’s virtual Artist Alley:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old by the time KuroCon occurs on July 3rd, 2021.
  2. KuroCon will not tolerate any plagiarism or art theft. All artwork submitted for review and artist showcase must be drawn by you.
  3. KuroCon currently only allows artwork and content that is all ages. NSFW/R-18 works in portfolios or artwork submissions will not be accepted.
  4. All sales must go through your own ecommerce channel and not directly on KuroCon Discord or other KuroCon channels. Direct any transactions to your own online storefronts. 
  5. Provide any marketing material to KuroCon staff to display on our website, discord channels, and social media. If you do not provide marketing material in a timely manner, you may not have any marketing on KuroCon’s official channels.
  6. You will be required to join the Kurocon Discord in advance to use our artist promotion channels and join any live drawing streams. Discord and Twitch policies will also apply to the artist alley participants as necessary. 
  7. Participation in our artist programming is optional and will not affect your slot in our virtual artist alley. Additional promotion opportunities will be available during the stream for those who participate.
  8. We cannot be responsible for any issues, disputes, or damages as a result of a referral from KuroCon to your store. KuroCon is intended to only provide promotional opportunities for artists.
  9. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in removal or ban from KuroCon’s Virtual Artist Alley. Staff will review the situation should one arise and act accordingly.