Mikanmaru24 is a DJ from Vancouver BC, Canada, that spins anything Japanese – From the latest Anison and J-pop anthems, to nostalgic Anison and VGM themes, and everything aesthetic with Future Funk, Citypop, and Hip Hop. With now 4 years under his belt as an active DJ across anime communities in Canada and internationally through online streams, Mikanmaru has performed at many live events, including conventions, live shows, parties, and online streams. Mikanmaru continues to hone his draft, often experimenting with many styles and types of sets in order to paint a social picture. Through this, he also performs under Alias’ DESPAIR-MARU and Watermelon Pink. 

Outside of DJing, Mikanmaru is also the Head Coordinator of SeriesAi – An event organization based in Vancouver, BC, Canada that strives to both promote Japanese Pop Culture through music and performance and provide content creators and DJs an outlet to perform. SeriesAi also has a DJ Collective that is dedicated to promote the brand across many anime communities worldwide.