KuroCon offers a wide variety of fan-run panels and workshops covering a broad range of topics in the Japanese culture. These panels will be hosted online alongside other programming and events in order to give you, our attendees, a full virtual convention experience.


As KuroCon is fully virtual convention, panels and workshops will be held online in KuroCon Discord server and Kurocon Twitch.

Panels are allotted no more than sixty (60) minutes, their own individual KuroCon Discord text-channel for attendee interactions, and an allocated time-slot on KuroCon Twitch for video. Many of the details will be similar to Kurocon volume 1, with a dedicated panel Twitch channel for streaming panel content. Specifically, KuroCon welcomes pre-recorded content as well as live content, conducted over Discord streaming. For pre-recorded content, we recommend the panelist be present during the panel to answer questions in the chat, or after the conclusion of the pre-recorded part of the panel.

General Information

For Panelists

Policies Hosting a Panel/Workshop

Please read the following before applying.

  1. Panel/workshop must follow all the rules of KuroCon.
  2. Panel/workshop content may not have content unsuitable for minors (no 18+ content, minimum swearing).
  3. Content should be appropriate for an anime convention.
  4. The duration of a panel/workshop must be at least thirty (30) minutes and at most sixty (60) minutes.
  5. Kurocon will screen applications, and not every applicant is guaranteed a panel for Kurocon. Kurocon also reserves the right to cancel any panel at our sole discretion. 
  6. The applicant acknowledges that, while every effort will be made to accommodate requests, such as scheduling panels as close to the requested time-slot as possible, requests are ultimately subject to availability and approval.

Priority will be given to panelists who have not hosted panels during previous KuroCon volumes.

Application Approval Process

  1. Prospective panelists make a submission via the application form.
  2. Submissions will be reviewed 
  3. Applicants will be contacted regarding the status of their panel application with one of the following:
    • Approved – the panel will be officially included in KuroCon
    • Rejected – the panel was not accepted and will not be included in the convention
    • Waitlisted – KuroCon would like to consider including the panel, but is unable to due to limited time slots. Status can change to ‘Approved’ if availability in the schedule allows up until two (2) weeks before KuroCon.
  4. Applicants will be contacted with a tentative time slot two (2) weeks before KuroCon.