Born in Miyagi in 1967, Matsuko Mawatari made her debut in 1992 with Virgin JAPAN. She sang, composed and programmed for her second single, which was used as the opening and ending to YuYu Hakusho and sold over 500,000 copies. She is still loved all over the world to this day. Currently, she is based in Tokyo and is the representative of the Pit’a Pat label. In 1997, she was afflicted by a neurological disease, and her activities were limited to just releasing music, but in 2011 she returned to being an artist at “ANIME JAPAN FES 2011 “Osaka Natsu no Jin.” She currently works as a music instructor while composing music for other artists and performing in concerts. Now, she has expanded her artistic activities to include calligraphy, painting and literature, while also contributing to society and peace through her registered trademark Smile Bomb.