KuroCon volume 2 will feature a COSPLAY ALLEY and COSPLAY SHOWCASE!

KuroCon Virtual Cosplay Alley Information

KuroCon will host a virtual Cosplay alley alongside other digital programming and online events to give a full virtual convention experience. Everybody likes seeing cosplayers at conventions and I’m sure lots of cosplayers miss putting on their cosplay and showcase them at anime conventions. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to replicate 100% of the experience but we think we found an interesting way to get cosplayers together again, but this time for an online event. At KuroCon, we want to offer you a way to showcase your cosplay career, whether it’s a simple Facebook page or a full portfolio, for free! 

Cosplayers will be able to promote their past and current cosplay projects a few different ways:

  • They can be featured on the Cosplay Alley Directory page on the KuroCon website, with links to their social media channels and/or online shop
  • There will be a dedicated cosplay-focused text-channel on the KuroCon Discord server for:

·         Self promotion from the cosplayers themselves

·         Cosplay-themed discussions (chat) between attendees and cosplayers

  • Promoted by KuroCon’s social media channels in some form

·         KuroCon will share cosplayers by retweeting their promo tweets/streams and creating a collection of cosplayers posts via Twitter Moments 

KuroCon Virtual Cosplay Alley Participants!

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Cosplay Alley Sign-ups

Cosplay sign-ups will be on a first come first served basis via Google forms with a maximum of 50 entries available. Sign-ups will end on 20 September. Artists will be contacted by 25 september with a confirmation of their acceptance.

If you have any questions, please contact KuroCon staff. We look forward to having you in our virtual Cosplay Alley!


KuroCon wants to help promote cosplay artists during the pandemic when cons are cancelled, for free. Each cosplayer will get to promote themselves using the online platforms KuroCon’s will have chosen for the events. 

As an artist, you will get promotion through:

1. The KuroCon website through the Cosplay Alley directory page.

2. The KuroCon Twitter account. Any tagged tweets will be shared on the KuroCon twitter. 

3. The KuroCon discord on a dedicated Cosplay channel. 

4. The KuroCon Twitch stream during our artist programming (actual cosplay-focused events to be discussed later). 

All KuroCon virtual Cosplay Alley participants will abide by all of our policies. 

1. You must be at least 18 years old by the time KuroCon vol. 2 occurs on the 26 and 27 of September.

2. KuroCon currently only allows cosplay and content that is safe for work/all ages. NSFW/R-18 works will not be accepted. If you have any questions about this policy or wonder if your content is acceptable or not, please contact us. 

3. Any and all sales must go through your own e-commerce channel and not made through or on the KuroCon Discord server or other KuroCon channels. You must link to your own online storefronts.

4. Please provide any marketing material to KuroCon staff to display on our website, Discord channels, and other social media channels (Twitter, FB, etc). If you do not provide marketing material in a timely manner, you may not have any promo material featured on KuroCon’s official channels.

5. You will be required to join the KuroCon Discord server in advance to use our cosplay promotion channels and give our team enough lead time to set up your role. 

6. Kurocon reserves the right to remove any link or promotion for any reason deemed sufficient that can include but is not limited to: inappropriate, indecent, rude, racist or sexist behaviour. 

Cosplay Showcase and performance


The cosplay masquerade is one of the most important parts of a convention for a lot of people. Whether you’re simply there to watch or are participating in it, it’s a great way to take a look at cosplayers’ craft, for newcomers and veterans alike. As an online convention, KuroCon wants to reunite all of the convention community. That’s why we want to offer you a unique opportunity to wear your cosplay, from the safety of your home, by hosting a virtual Cosplay Showcase or Performance. Instead of having a traditional masquerade, we opted for a different way for you to showcase your work and skills. Therefore, don’t expect the traditional competition for the best cosplay, but rather a unique opportunity to celebrate cosplay together by sharing a current or previous cosplay project to other cosplayers and KuroCon attendees.

What is our Cosplay Showcase?

The Cosplay Showcase is an amateur costuming showcase for anime, manga and gaming-related costumes, or really any cosplay you’re proud of and would like to show off. It is an opportunity to see cosplayers show off their craftsmanship and creativity. We are planning on making a 1 hour video montage using every submission from accepted entrants, received before the cut-off date (see next section). This video feature will be live-streamed on 26 and 27 of september on the Twitch / Discord channel. Every cosplayer and attendee will be able to share thoughts and discuss during the presentation. Entrants will record their own video, submit it to us, and well take care of the necessary A/V editing before the actual event.

There is few different ways to showcase your cosplay: 

  • Showcase:  Showcase is the simplest way to show off your work. You may do it like it was a fashion show. Pose, twirl and try to show as much detail as possible of your cosplay. But if you know of to edit video, you can do a lot of close up shots of all those great details, broderies, beadings, props, make-up, name it! 
  • Song performance: We all know one of those anime songs or character songs by heart. Why not show us your acting talent by acting some of those songs in character. Let the disney princess out of you!
  • Dance Performance: There are so many cute dances in anime. It goes from opening, ending , idols and more. Learn the dance and show us your dance skill!
  • Skits: are short theatrical performances based on their favorite anime, manga, video game or other. There is lots of possibility with the skit, make it funny or serious, a parody or some action or reenact a scene. The possibilities are infinite, keep it entertaining and creative!


Only 50 entries TOTAL will be accepted for the Cosplay Showcase and performance. No EXCEPTIONS will be made, so register early!

  • Due to the current situation, we encourage you to make your entry alone. You  may participate with 2 friends maximum. If you do make an entry with a friend, we ask you to practice social distancing or to wear a mask if you are less than 2 meter apart. Please take note of this measure when making your video. If this restriction is not respected your entry won’t be accepted.
  • This is not a competition or contest and there will be no awards or prizes.
  • Due to the short time until the event, we encourage you to do participate with a cosplay that you may already own. No cos-rush needed for Kurocon.
  • Due to the virtual nature of the event, people under 16 years of age may not participate even with approval of their parents or legal guardians.
  • You may send us an older video of your cosplay, but we will prioritize new content. If the video contains more than 3 people without social distancing, we will ask you to send us a proof that the video was shot before the pandemic.
  • Each cosplayer can send in ONE entry for the showcase. Pick and choose your best work to showcase!
  • No flagrant nudity or violence. Please keep it PG16
  • Contestants must absolutely respect submission deadlines. Contestants need to have filled the form and send their video by 20 of september.
  • Contestants must respect the requirements for the video and music format and length (See in video submission and format requirements)
  •  Commissioned costumes are allowed only if (and only if) the designer of the costume has filled out and signed the registration sheet.
  • Professional costumers may participate since it is not a competition.
  • No realistic weapons, such as prop guns (without orange tip) or live steel will be permitted.
  •  Kurocon reserves the right to remove anyone from competition for any reason deemed sufficient that can include but is not limited to: inappropriate, indecent, rude, racist or sexist behaviour. Threats and/or violence of any kind to staff, attendees and volunteers will not be tolerated and can result in immediate expulsion from the convention.

If you have any question please contact us at : [email protected]

How do I participate?

The registration will be online, a link to the Google Form will be provided. Be sure to read ALL of the information on this page and respect the rules below:

  • You must be 16 years and over at the time of registration
  • You must send all the necessary information and video file to KuroCon within the deadlines: 20th of September 2020

Video Submission

Each participant will have to supply a video of  their performance. The participants’ videos will be streamed in some form during KuroCon. The videos must be of a certain format and quality; any deviation may lead 

To participate:

  • Supply a video that features the cosplayer’s showcase or performance
  • Optionally, supply the audio track as a separate file, but we prefer if you can include it in the video.

Video length:

  • For a showcase: 1 minute maximum
  • For a Sing, Dance and Skit performance:  4 minute maximum

You have until the 20th of September to fill the document  and send your file.

Format Requirements

  • The accepted video formats are:
    • 1920 by 1080, landscape format
    • 30fps
  • mkv or mp4 (or similar) is preferred
  • Audio files:
    • If provided, the camera’s audio track will not be used;
    • A separate MP3 audio file must obligatorily be submitted even if you do the next step;
    • The audio track must be added to the video using an editing software (by you, or us);
    • If you are unable to do so, we will add the submitted audio track to the video. No other modifications or editing whatsoever will be done, no exceptions.
    • All “customized” audio tracks of insufficient quality may be refused.