KuroCon Vitals

KuroCon is an online convention in this year of 2021! It takes place on July 3-4, and will be happening on two places:

Our main programs will be stream on Twitch, and there will be no archives.

Most fan panels, the artist alley promotion, help and other vitals, are available on the KuroCon discord. You can talk to KuroCon staff there if you have any questions. The Twitch chat will also be monitored by Kurocon mod/staff. We want to create a sense of immediate community like what a physical con would be, and Discord provides more tools for us to recreate that.

And yes, fan panels are on the Discord! You can interact with panelists simultaneously (if they are doing the panel in real time).

By the way, you can “get a ticket” to the con in the Discord by clicking the ticket emoji. Just in case you join and see nothing, that is probably why.

The schedule

The schedule will be updated on this page, You can also find the panel descriptions there.

How do you enjoy KuroCon?

Before the con: Follow our Twitter and Twitch channels. Join our Discord (pre-reg and get a badge role). Check out the Schedule.

At the con: Watch the Twitch stream or watch a fan panel, and chat with other viewers! Share what you think with #kurocon hashtag on social media. Some people even live-watch with friends on their own discords, that’s fine too, but remember some fan panels are on KuroCon Discord only! Check the schedule for more details.

Don’t forget, KuroCon has a virtual Artist Alley. Artists are listed here with their socials and store links.

Rules & Notes

KuroCon is an online convention where we want to be as inclusive as possible. Both the KuroCon Twitch and Discord have strict policies. Please read the rules posts in each, if you want to participate. We have no tolerance for harassment, bad behavior, and discrimination. The world is hard enough in 2021–let’s not make it more painful.

KuroCon has a mix of live and pre-recorded content, as typical of online conventions. Did you know people are still trying to figure out what works for online cons? We certainly didn’t know at first and had to find our way over time.

The first KuroCon was created in the span of 26 days, out of our desire to make a better convention to replace the ones that we lost due to cancellation. Of course, nothing will replace the physical experience of going to an anime convention (until SAO exists I guess), but this is our attempt to reproduce some of the experience.

See you online!