KuroCon vol. 2 Friday Announcement Stream Round-Up

We hope you enjoyed the official KuroCon vol. 2 announcements stream! If you weren’t able to catch it however don’t worry as you can read a summary of the announcement right here.


===Panels & Workshops===

Unlike KuroCon vol. 1 we’ll be doing panels/workships completely hosted on Twitch this time around. We will still have a dedicated channel for panels on the KuroCon Discord server for you to relax in as well however. Sign ups close September 12th so don’t forget to apply!

Panel details & submissions: https://kurocon.org/panels-and-workshops/


===Artist Alley===

Just a reminder that artist alley applications close on September 7th so make sure to apply before then if you’d like to participate!

Panel details & submissions: https://kurocon.org/artist-alley/


===Cosplay Alley===

KuroCon vol. 2 will feature a cosplay alley and showcase! You can’t have an anime con without cosplay right? Whether your cosplay is purchased or self-made, come apply if you miss suiting up as your favorite characters! Application deadline is September 20th.

Cosplay alley details & submissions: https://kurocon.org/cosplay/


===Mahjong Soul Tournament===

KuroCon will be hosting a mahjong tournament via Mahjong Soul. Whether you’re a tenhou pro or mahjong beginner who only got into it because you just watched Saki, we’re welcoming everyone who’d like to take part in the KuroCon Mahjong Soul tournament! It’ll be covered on stream and the finals will be archived so you can relive your embarrassing hell-wait riichi.

Sign up page: https://kurocon.org/gaming/



KuroCon DJ sets are back so get those virtual UOs ready for KuroCon vol. 2’s DJ stream. Here’s the current line up for our talented DJs but we may have more coming!


DJ Dekimasen

DJ Zalas




KuroCon vol. 2 will have official goods! No need to wait in buppan sales lines as you can order it all online. Includes 2 T-shirt designs, face mask, stickers, and mug. Take a look here:





Yun*chi will be an official guests for KuroCon! Her first single “Your song” was used as the ending theme to the first season in Log Horizon in 2013. We’re super excited to have Yun*chi with us for KuroCon vol. 2!


Pikarmy rise up! That’s right, KuroCon vol. 2’s first vtuber guest is here and it’s Pikamee! A bilingual Japanese/English speaking vtuber under VOMS Project, we’re very glad to have Pikamee with us to show us the ropes of vtuber activities!

That rounds up the stream announcements for now. Stay tuned for more info as KuroCon vol. 2 draws closer!

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