Umamusume at KuroCon volume 3!

We are going to have a Umamusume tournament and panel at Kurocon 3!

Signup for the tournament from this link!!

Rules and details:

We will be racing Haru Urara on Arima Kinen. Each trainer (person) can only enter 1 Haru Urara for this tournament. The tournament will happen sometime between 1pm to 2pm Eastern time on Sunday, 7/4. To participate you need to be available and on Discord during that time (and ideally leading up to it). [NEW] In addition, please join the Kurocon Discord as we’ll coordinate the horse racing players in a chat (and it makes my life a lot easier).

Your Haru Urara can have any stats any as long as it fits the following:
< E for Turf
< E for Long Distance
< A rank

Arima Kinen will be configured as:
Winter Sunny Good Track Condition
And by default, Nakayama 2500m (long distance), Right, Inside.

Yaruki/Umamusume’s condition will be set to random.

Arima Kinen
Rules 1

Click on the images above to see zoomed in details.

Racing setup:

There will be one prelim round with multiple races, and 1 final race. The top 4 racers from each of the prelim round races will join the final race.

There will be 2 to 4 prelim round races, for a maximum of 16×4 entry slots available. The top 4 of each prelim round races will make it into the final race. The organizer will try to evenly distribute players into each prelim race, but there could be an odd number in which not all prelim races will have the same number of running horsegirls.


We are using Challonge to manage sign-ups, please create an account if you want. Also, there will be a check-in before start at 1pm.

We will be racing real time during the panel, so you need to be present to participate. In the hour or so leading up to the tournament, we will organize you into group chats on Discord so we can share the private room ID of each race. We will in fact use Discord for all comms related to this event, but the show will be streamed on Twitch like other Kurocon events.

The first part of the panel will be an actual panel, but then it’ll move on to the tournament portion. Before the start of the panel we will be opening up the rooms for each race, and probably get the first race queued up. This part may be subject to change once we iron out the kinks in some dry runs. Please be present before the panel begin!

Once it is your turn, the tournament organizer will put the race ID in the chat and you need to join within the alloted time. When it is time to actually race, please go to the list-of-umamusume screen at the start of the race and stop. The broadcaster will need time to check your in-game name with your horse number in order to call the race, plus to show the roster to the public. The broadcaster team will then stream the race for the audience. In the case if you didn’t stop, please don’t spoil it for the public.

The 4 winners will be put into a group chat with other prelim winners for the final race and the same procedure will occur as the prelim races. The tournament winner is the first Haru Urara to cross the finish line! Haru Urara wins Arima Kinen!


TBD, but most likely ~1500 JPY Amazon/Google/Apple gift card code.


The organizers are flying by the seat of their pants to put together a tourney in a week, so everything is subject to change and we reserve the right to change the rules in an emergency. If we get < 12 entries we may cancel the event, and signups will close immediately after we get 64 entries. Prizes void where prohibited. If Cygames wants to shut us down, great, please contact me by email. If you have a question, please see the KuroCon Discord for help.


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