Update about content at Volume 3

How’s everyone doing?

We are officially at less than a month until Kurocon Volume 3! We hope you are all as exited as we are about it!! As we are approaching the con, we wanted to give you some updates about content at the con.


We are bringing back the cosplay showcase for volume 3.

Last volume we got a few cool video submissions of amazing cosplayers showcasing their amazing fits. We aired those videos in between segments and it was generally well-received.

So we want to bring it back.

If you are a cosplayer, and want to showcase your cosplay, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll showcase your cosplays during Kurocon on the main stream. Read more rules at kurocon.org/cosplay. Don’t forget that this is open to everyone, whether you made or bought your cosplay!

If you don’t want to send a video but just want to share your cosplay with others, on our Discord we will have a two channels for you. One where you can all share your cosplay photos with each other. There will also be a channel where you can show your work in progress.


A lot of people didn’t realize the panel closing date was approaching, and some of you were waiting until the very last minute to finalize your panel ideas. Sometime info gets lost in the sea of information, we get it. This is why we have decided to keep the panel application open for a little bit more. A week to be more precise. Don’t miss your chance to apply this time.

You can find all the information about that here: kurocon.org/panels


Same thing as for panels, we will also be extending the closing date by a week. We hope to see you all there next month at Kurocon!

Sign up here: kurocon.org/artist-alley


What did you think we were done after last week’s announcement?

We still have more things in store for you, so keep your eyes open for more announcements in the coming weeks 🙂

Please don’t forget to ask Azusa some questions here. The Q&A closes soon!

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