Stephanie is a singer, songwriter and actress currently residing in Tokyo. Gifted with major artistic talents, she automatically knew from the start that music was the dream she wanted to pursue in the future.

Stephanie started singing at the young age of 13. She sent an audio demo tape of her singing to various Japanese music productions, and at the age of 19, Stephanie made her major debut in Japan from SME Records(SONY). She achieved the “Best New Artist Award” at the prestigious 49th “Japan Record Awards” in 2007.

Her 1st and 2nd single, “Kimiga Iru Kagiri” and “Because of you” consecutively became the ending themes of the Anime “Kiss Dum”.

In early 2008, her single “Friends” became the second ending theme for the Anime TV series “Gundam 00”. The song fell into the top 10 of Japanese Oricon charts.

You can follow her on instagram : @Stephanie_Topalian , Twitter @StephTopalian and Facebook StephanieTopalianOfficial