Asaka is a Japanese singer with 5pb. Records.  She was born in Japan but spent five years in Michigan at the age of three. She has loved singing ever since she was a child, and after winning several karaoke competitions in 2014-2015, she made her debut with her first single “Open your eyes” in October 2016, which is the ending theme of the anime Occultic;Nine.

Her 4th single “SHINY DAYS” (opening theme of TV anime Laid-Back Camp) placed #8 and #15 in the February 5th’s ranking of Oricon’s Weekly Single Chart and Billboard Japan Hot 100 respectively.  It also placed #1 in January 18th’s Mora Daily Hi-Res Single Ranking, and was long ranked #1 on Anisong streaming app ANiUTa both in Japan and overseas, including winning an award for “Best Winter 2018 Theme Song” on the service.

Her first mini album “19BOX” (pronounced “Jukebox”) released on January 9th, 2019, and a full album “HEART TOUCH” released on her 20th birthday on October 7th, 2019.

She has appeared on the substage of the largest annual anime song festival in Japan “Animelo Summer Live” in 2017 and appeared on the main stage in 2018 and 2019.

Asaka’s latest single “The Sunshower” can be heard as the ending theme to the Laid-Back Camp spinoff short TV anime, Heya Camp.

Her strong voice and perfect pronunciation of English have appealed to anime and music fans from all around the world.

Follow her on Twitter @asakaofficial!