Gaming at Kurocon

For Kurocon volume 2, we want to run a Mahjong Soul Tournament! Some of the tournament will be streamed on Twitch! Please see both below and the sign-up form for details and prizes.

Detailed Rules

  • 1,000 penalty / minute late after a 5 minute grace period
  • If you are 30 minutes late, you will be disqualified and replaced in the match with a computer.
  • All matches except the finals, will be 1 hanchan.
  • The finals will be 2 hanchan.
  • The top 2 scoring players will move on to the next round. However the winner of the finals will be the player with the highest combined score of the 2 hanchan.
  • The decided ruleset are as close to the WRC ruleset as outlined here.
  • Feel free to stream yourself playing, however we do ask that you put on a 5 minute stream delay.
  • See also:

(see more rules)

Bracket Layout